Solution guide: backing up Windows files using CloudBerry Backup with Google Cloud Storage
By Brad Svee, Head of Solutions, Google Cloud Platform Modern businesses increasingly depend on their data
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Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL: Managed PostgreSQL for your mobile and geospatial applications in Google Cloud
By Brett Hesterberg, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform At Google Cloud Next ‘17, we announced support
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Crash exploitability analysis on Google Cloud Platform: security in plaintext
By Ben Scarlato, Software Engineer When an application or service crashes, do you wonder what caused
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Digging deep on PHP 7.1 for Google App Engine
By Brent Shaffer, Developer Programs Engineer, Google Cloud Platform Developers love to build web applications and
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Discover and redact sensitive data with the Data Loss Prevention API
By Scott Ellis, Product Manager Last week at Google Cloud Next ’17, we introduced a number
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Cloud KMS GA, new partners expand encryption options
By Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager As you heard at Google Cloud Next ‘17, our Cloud Key
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ASP.NET Core containers run great on GCP
By Chris Sells, Product Manager With the recent release of ASP.NET Core, the .NET community has
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Google Cloud Functions: a serverless environment to build and connect cloud services
By Jason Polites, Product Manager Developers rely on many cloud services to build their apps today:
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