AI/ML Fundamentals for Google Cloud Professionals

AI/ML Fundamentals for Google Cloud Professionals

This course introduces the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offerings on Google Cloud that support the data-to-AI lifecycle through AI foundations, AI development, and AI solutions.

It explores the technologies, products, and tools available to build an ML model, an ML pipeline, and a generative AI project based on the different goals of users, including data scientists, AI developers, and ML engineers.

Who this course is for?

Professional AI developers, data scientists, and ML engineers who want to build ML models, develop AI or ML applications or solutions and build end-to-end ML pipelines on Google Cloud.

What you’ll learn:

-Recognize the data-to-AI technologies and tools offered by Google Cloud.

-Use generative AI capabilities in applications.

-Choose between different options to develop an AI project on Google Cloud.

-Build ML models end-to-end by using Vertex AI.

Level – Beginner

Prerequisite Having one or more of the following:

-Basic knowledge of machine learning concepts

-Prior experience with programming languages such as SQL and Python

Important note – The class will be delivered in Hebrew. Participants must bring laptops to participate.

Course Agenda


Course Introduction


Module 1: AI Foundations

  • Why Google?
  • AI/ML framework on Google Cloud
  • Google Cloud  infrastructure 
  • Data and AI products
  • ML model categories
  • BigQuery ML
  • Lab: BigQueryML




Module 2: AI Development Options

  • AI development options
  • Pre-trained APIs
  • Vertex AI
  • AutoML
  • Custom training
  • Lab: Natural Language API




Module 3: AI Development Workflow

  • How a machine learns
  • ML workflow
  • Data preparation
  • Model development
  • Model serving
  •  MLOps and workflow automation
  • Lab: AutoML




Module 4: Generative AI

  • Generative AI and LLM
  • Generative AI use case: Duet AI
  • Model Garden
  • Generative AI Studio
  • AI solutions
  • Lab: Generative AI Studio


Course Summary

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule


Course Introduction
Module 1
AI Foundations
Module 2
AI Development Options
Module 3
AI Development Workflow
Module 4
Generative AI
Course Summary


Mar 12 2024


9:30 am - 5:00 pm

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