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Our professional services accelerate businesses to the forefront of their industries. For transformative business growth, partner with our experienced team today. In turn, you’ll discover how we can revolutionize your business operations with better cloud support.


Our cloud-based integrations streamline productivity and make a lasting impact across industries such as:

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Finance and Banking
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Education
  • And More!

We’ve proudly serviced the following industries with custom-tailored solutions to address both immediate and long-term business challenges.

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Customer Success Stories

We define success based on the measurable improvements we’re able to make for our clients.
Here’s how we’ve developed custom-tailored solutions for our clients.

Learn how WideOps redesigned and developed a resource orchestrator from the ground-up and integrated it with the customer's existing solutions and environments.

WideOps has provided a full environment overview architecture design and hands on implementation thus, helping Kovrr to modernize and automate deployment processes for all GCP services in a robust and scalable manner.

As a live system serving thousands of concurrent requests without the ability to notify of system maintenance, the system had to be migrated with practically zero downtime.

Using Google Cloud Platform, Panda Trading Systems has managed to build a robust, stable, highly available systems with the ability to replicate the systems ad-hoc and when required.

With Millions of requests a day, AWS-based Adoric was looking for a more robust, modern, and scalable infrastructure solution.

Jerusalem Post Group migrates three news channel websites to Google Cloud Platform, creating a more flexible and agile infrastructure that reduces costs and improves stability thanks to autoscaling.

Surance.io delivers white-label, end-to-end personal cyber insurance platform to insurance companies.

MeMed needed a high performance, centralized, scalable and robust event pipeline to manage not only their cloud infrastructure, but also their proprietary customer-facing medical device.

Wideops took care of a swift full migration from Azure to GCP with no downtime for the customer, while synchronizing all the time with the customer and the servers to make sure all goes smoothly and safely.

WideOps has continuously assisted MazeBolt’s team with 24/7 DevOps consultancy and architecture design to achieve performance and cost optimizations, tailored training workshops on new and existing GCP products and ongoing insightful recommendations.

Customer was based on a legacy solution allowing a non-parallel execution. The challenge was to completely modernize the customer legacy solution while keeping cloud spend at an optimum.

Deskforce implements Google Compute Engine on Google Cloud Platform to reduce client onboarding from days to minutes and enable rapid scaling, offering clients a faster and more stable service.