WideOps supported CytoReason’s rapid scale-up by modernizing its architecture. This included migrating CytoReason’s data to BigQuery and providing FinOps services to control costs throughout the growth period.

The challenge

Over the last year, CytoReason rapidly grew in headcount (x3) as well as in workload (x10) which required constantly processing increasing amounts of data. The company was ready to modernize its Kubernetes-based architecture to support faster data analysis but was concerned about increasing costs.

The solution

CytoReason, with WideOps’ support, utilized the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to modernize its AI platform and make it easier to manage. As big data expanded, it was migrated from Cloud SQL to BigQuery, while WideOps ensured that data processing and analysis were running smoothly over GKE.

The results

CytoReason was able to exponentially increase the data it was processing using BigQuery while improving performance. WideOps’ optimization support ensured that costs were managed so the company could continue growing.

“With WideOps’ assistance, we were able to leverage Google Cloud’s compute power and managed services and to focus on building our product, rather than managing our infrastructure. With BigQuery, we reduced the amount of time it took to gain insights from our data. It used to take two minutes to run some of our heavier queries. Now it takes 10 seconds to run the same queries.”

— Yoav Aharoni, VP R&D

About CytoReason

CytoReason is a tech company transforming biopharma’s decision-making from trial & error to data-driven using an AI Platform of computational disease models. With its extensive proprietary database, the company maps human diseases, tissue by tissue and cell by cell. To date, six of the world’s top ten pharma companies use CytoReason’s technology.


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