Competing in the global market can be a challenging endeavor, especially without the advantage of an established informational technology infrastructure. At Wideops , we help businesses of all sizes implement transformative technology solutions that leverage the power of Google’s cloud infrastructure.

Always pay for what you really need

Thanks to our ability to build and implement auto-scaling capabilities that automatically add or remove instances based on increases or decreases in load, our clients only pay for what they really need. Auto scaling helps applications gracefully handle increases in traffic and reduces cost when the need for resources is lower.

Development Operations

By integrating developers and operations teams to improve collaboration and productivity by focusing on automation, continuous monitoring of application performance, and by aligning the development environment with the production environment, we at WideOps help businesses deploy products faster, stay competitive, and always keep up with the rapid pace of technological progress.

Creating such production environment requires a radical change in mindset as well as new tools. At WideOps, our ultimate goal is to make your development and operations work better together, share responsibilities, and think more alike. We do this by adopting an iterative process to monitor, measure, and improve your code every day, instead of releasing software updates in large chunks.

Google Cloud Optimization

With businesses relying on cloud computing more than ever before, cloud cost optimization has become essential to success. In some cases, enterprises spend up to 60% more on cloud simply due to inefficient use of their cloud infrastructures. When they do try to fix the situation, they usually get nowhere because they rely on one-time fixes which often end up costing more money than what they save.

At WideOps, our cloud cost optimization strategy revolves around state-of-the-art automation processes and constant monitoring, making it extremely effective and suitable as a long-term solution. With services from WideOps, you will be able to leverage your cloud to its maximum potential and secure your place on the market.

Google Cloud Migration

Businesses are often afraid to move to cloud because they fear that they could become locked down to a specific cloud platform. At WideOps, we believe that these concerns are certainly warranted. In this day and age, it is more important than ever to remain agile and competitive.

With the help of WideOps, you can easily migrate data to any cloud platform, duplicate them as an extra security measure, or move away from cloud entirely. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits associated with modern cloud solutions without feeling nervous that you might not be able to access your data in the future.

Google Cloud Secutiry

With the number of global security threats rising every year, businesses can no longer afford to neglect security. However, the transient nature of security makes it incredibly difficult to keep up with cyber criminals and increasingly more sophisticated strains of malware.

Smart business owners protect themselves and their customers by hiring third-party companies, like WideOps, to monitor, analyze, and secure their informational technology infrastructures. Not only is this approach to security much more effective, but it is also considerably cheaper in the long run. Join the large number of satisfied customers who have selected WideOps as their security provider.

Cloud Full Management

We at WideOps understand that it can be incredibly difficult to remain competitive in the current market without maintaining a sharp focus on your core business. Small and mid-sized businesses need the same cutting-edge cloud technologies as some of the largest enterprises in the world, but they lack the resources that would allow them to pay for in-house engineers.

As a provider of fully-managed services for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products, we at WideOps, present a simple solution, giving you 24/7 expert technical support, service/resource monitoring, backup/restore services, and more—all with straightforward pricing structure designed to reduce your costs and alleviate your bill anxiety as much as possible.

Cloud Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey cloud solutions are very popular among small business owners, but they are becoming increasingly more embraced even by large organizations. Instead of building a customized cloud environment, a turnkey cloud solution from WideOps makes it easy to quickly deploy pre-tested and certified software packages and hardware solutions.

We at WideOps can supply any system that then can be easily implemented into current business processes. Turnkey solutions are always immediately ready to use upon implementation, minimizing your downtime and maximizing your productivity.

24/7 Cloud NOC

Companies of any size, start-ups and enterprises alike value each and every second. This is the reason we offer a-24/7 professional NOC service for our customers so they never have to worry about up-time and are free to do the things they are best at.

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