WideOps has provided full environment overview,migration & rollback plans,infrastructure modernization,monitoring & alerting setup and has performed the migration to GCP.

WideOps has continued to support Adoric on GCP after the successful migration.

The challenge

With Millions of requests a day, AWS based Adoric was looking for a more robust, modern and scalable infrastructure solution. The infrastructure had to support agile test, staging and production environments in cost optimized manner. Due to the nature of Adoric’s services, a migration had to be near zero, if not zero downtime.

The solution

WideOps has utilized Google Kubernetes engine, Google Compute Engine, advanced cloud networking solutions, Google Container Registry & Google Speech Recognition to provide an agile fault tolerant infrastructure that can handle billions of requests per-month. A fully staged migration plan, based on GCP best practices and white papers was provided and executed.

The results

Adoric has successfully migrated from AWS to GCP with zero downtime and full data consistency.Adoric is enjoying a fully autoscalble,agile and robust environment,supporting their ever growing customer base.Adoric is looking to explore additional GCP technologies:GCP based ML & advanced data solutions to leverage GCP offerings and build upon the successful migration to drive the business forward.

“To decide to migrate from Amazon to GCP with 30 instances and billions of requests per month on our servers you have to have the best partner for that. WideOps has done amazing work and they been extremely professionals. After months of work, they have moved all our servers with no downtime to GCP! WideOps is one of the best providers we have worked with!”


— Tal Revivo, CEO & Founder


About Adoric

Adoric helps your company optimize and grow online conversion by providing tools to easily create and edit their onsite messaging. Our technology gently navigates your visitors towards your conversions goals (increase signups, uplift e-commerce conversion rate, increase subscribers, optimize landing pages, etc.)


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