Using Google Cloud Native tools, WideOps experts successfully
migrated the Rabbinical Courts to Google Cloud. Adhering to high
standards of architecture and security, resulted in a robust, highly
available, and secure hybrid environment.

The challenge

The customer has chosen to migrate their infrastructure to Google
Cloud, first to a European region and then to the Israeli region when it
becomes available. The entire process must be done with minimal
impact on their production environment. They also require a Virtual
Desktop Interface solution that will allow them to work remotely and

The solution

Wideops successfully migrated their core infrastructure to a European
region together with an Interconnect enabling hybrid architecture,
implementation of a Virtual Desktop solution, and a Security
Command Center (SCC) as part of the process. Once the Israeli
region became available, the whole environment was shifted to the
new region with minimal disruption to the production environment.

The results

Rabbinical Courts was one of the first major government offices to
successfully migrate to a modern cloud environment with the help of
WideOps experts. The migration included a Virtual Desktop Interface
solution that allows employees to work remotely with high-security

“We are delighted to work with WideOps on the next
stage of our digital transformation journey. We look
forward to this collaboration to develop applications to
make our services faster and more accessible for our
Israeli citizens.”

— Chief Information Officer Mr. Uri Aharonson



About The Rabbinical Court

The Rabbinical Courts, the legal Jewish authority in Israel, deals with issues relating to divorce, property, child custody rights, wills, inheritances, confirmation of Jewish status, and conversion. There are 12 regional rabbinical courts throughout the country, with the Jerusalem High Court serving as an appellate court.


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