WideOps assisted BUYME in implementing Google Workspace so that each employee was granted a role-based identity so as to be able to access the necessary documents and information, as well as implementing two-factor authentication to ensure security. 

The challenge

BUYME purchased Google Workspace via WideOps in order to
enhance productivity and collaboration among its entire staff, some of
which had high turnover. There was a concern that information might
be shared inappropriately and that managing high turnover would
create a burden. 

The solution

WideOps helped the BUYME operations team optimize their Google
Workspace sharing and security settings to effectively manage secure
data while facilitating collaboration. WideOps continued to support
identity management to meet the needs of staff changes.

The results

BUYME uses role-based user rules as well as two-factor
authentication to effectively and securely manage communication and
collaboration throughout the company. WideOps continues to offer
exceptional support to ensure that any issues are handled swiftly.

“The most fun thing about working with Workspace is
that if I have problems that I can’t solve on my own,
WideOps provides immediate support by email. In
many cases I also need to have a Google Meet
conversation and very quickly they make time to have
a conversation and show me a lot of patience. And
above all, they resolve every issue swiftly.”

— Mika Biderman, Operations Manager, BUYME


BUYME is Israel’s leading Digital Gift-Cards Solutions Company. BUYME manages a SaaS based digital gift-card solution that helps companies manage their Employee Incentives as well as their customer retention and also offers the biggest local e-commerce marketplace for consumers to instantly send digital gift-cards.

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Financial Services

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