Eventarc: A unified eventing experience in Google Cloud
I recently talked about orchestration versus choreography in connecting microservices and introduced Workflows for use cases
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The democratization of data and insights: making real-time analytics ubiquitous
In our first blog post in this series, we talked broadly about the democratization of data
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How we’re helping to reshape the software supply chain ecosystem securely
As we start the new year, we see ongoing revelations about an attack involving SolarWinds and
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Cloud Profiler provides app performance insights, without the overhead
Do you have an application that’s a little… sluggish? Cloud Profiler, Google Cloud’s continuous application profiling
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Loading complex CSV files into BigQuery using Google Sheets
Building an ELT pipeline using Google Sheets as an intermediary BigQuery offers the ability to quickly
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Top 5 trends for API-powered digital transformation in 2021
Our “State of the API Economy 2021” report confirms that though digital transformation has been among
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Think big: Why Ricardo chose Bigtable to complement BigQuery
With over 3.7 million members, Ricardo is the most trusted, convenient, and largest online marketplace in
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Deeper map customization with zoom level customization and industry optimized map styles
Some of the most impactful decisions made when designing a map involve what to show at
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