A new Terraform module for serverless load balancing
Today we are announcing a new Terraform module for provisioning load balancers optimized for serverless applications.
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Transforming benefits delivery to Utah residents using the cloud
Roughly one of every ten individuals in Utah received benefits from or engaged with a social
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Image archive, analysis, and report generation with Google APIs
File backup isn’t the most exciting topic, while analyzing images with AI/ML is more interesting—so combining
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Google Maps Platform JavaScript API and TypeScript
In July, we started rolling out TypeScript samples in the Maps JavaScript API documentation to better
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Online shopping gets a boost from Cloud SQL
Editor’s note: With the events of 2020 driving an enormous shift to online shopping, martech provider
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Launching code you didn't write: Shipping Next 2020 demos at scale
Our biggest conference of the year couldn’t happen in person. We’ve pushed everything online. That’s fine,
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Cloud Run is now one year old: a look back
Cloud Run is built on a simple premise: combine the flexibility of containers with the simplicity,
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Traffic Director takes application networking beyond Google Cloud
Whether you run services in Google Cloud, on-premises, in other clouds, or all of the above,
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