Cloud KMS GA, new partners expand encryption options
By Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager As you heard at Google Cloud Next ‘17, our Cloud Key
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ASP.NET Core containers run great on GCP
By Chris Sells, Product Manager With the recent release of ASP.NET Core, the .NET community has
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Google Cloud Functions: a serverless environment to build and connect cloud services
By Jason Polites, Product Manager Developers rely on many cloud services to build their apps today:
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Your favorite languages, now on Google App Engine
By Justin Beckwith, Product Manager Since 2008, Google App Engine has made it easy to build
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Google Cloud Platform: your Next home in the cloud
By Brian Stevens, Vice President, Cloud Platforms San Francisco — Today at Google Cloud Next ‘17, we’re
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Google Cloud Platform bolsters support for relational databases
By Dominic Preuss, Group Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform San Francisco — Today, we announced new offerings
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Partnering to bring Windows workloads to Google Cloud Platform
By Chris Sells, Product Manager We work with a growing ecosystem of partners across all of
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Welcome Kaggle to Google Cloud
By Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist, Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning San Francisco — Today, I’m excited
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