Solution guide: Migrating your dedicated game servers to Google Cloud Platform
By Joseph Holley, Cloud Solutions Architect, Gaming One of the greatest challenges for game developers is
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Quantifying the performance of the TPU, our first machine learning chip
By Norm Jouppi, Distinguished Hardware Engineer, Google We’ve been using compute-intensive machine learning in our products
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Google Container Engine fires up Kubernetes 1.6
By David Aronchick, Product Manager Today we started to make Kubernetes 1.6 available to Google Container
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Toward better node management with Kubernetes and Google Container Engine
By Maisem Ali, Software Engineer Using our Google Container Engine managed service is a great way
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Container-Optimized OS from Google is generally available
By Saied Kazemi, Software Engineer It’s not news to anyone in IT that container technology has
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Google Cloud IAM for AWS users
By Rae Wang, Product Manager Many businesses want to use multiple cloud providers as part of
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Google Cloud Platform expands to Mars
By Google Cloud Storage and Google Geo teams Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is committed to meeting
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How release canaries can save your bacon – CRE life lessons
By Adrian Hilton, Customer Reliability Engineer The first part of any reliable software release is being
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