Google Cloud acquires Cornerstone Technology to help you migrate your mainframe
We are excited to share that Google Cloud has acquired Cornerstone Technology to better help customers
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Introducing the Stackdriver Cloud Monitoring dashboards API
Using dashboards in Stackdriver Cloud Monitoring makes it easy to track critical metrics across time. Dashboards can, for
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Your cloud, your infrastructure: Announcing Anthos Ready Storage
We launched Anthos to provide customers with a platform to deliver and manage applications across all
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New AMD EPYC-based Compute Engine family, now in beta
At Google Cloud, we want you to be able to choose the best VMs for your
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Here to serve Korea’s businesses with a new GCP region in Seoul
한국어 버전 South Korea is a digital powerhouse—a manufacturing giant with an emphasis on robotics and
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Taking a practical approach to BigQuery slot usage analysis
Google BigQuery is a fully managed serverless solution for your enterprise data warehouse workloads. Nothing could
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Logging + Trace: love at first insight
Meet Stackdriver Logging, a gregarious individual who loves large-scale data and is openly friendly to structured
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Showing the C++ developer love with new client libraries
We use a lot of C++ at Google, and we’ve heard that many of you do
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