GlideFinder: How we built a platform on Google Cloud that can monitor wildfires
Editor’s note:Today’s post comes from Dmitry Kryuk, Founder & CTO, GlideFinder, which offers a platform that
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New solution gallery helps you customize and extend G Suite apps
Imagine how much more you could accomplish throughout your day if you could automate monotonous workflows.
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Expanding virtual machine types to drive performance and efficiency
In April, we announced expanded virtual machine (VM) offerings, giving you the flexibility to choose the
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Last month today: GCP in July
You’ll find a whole selection of posts on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) blog from July,
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The age of Deployed AI is here: See how Google Cloud customers transform their businesses with AI
AI continues to transform industries across the globe, and business decision makers of all kinds are
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Streaming data from Cloud Storage into BigQuery using Cloud Functions
Using Cloud Storage from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) helps you securely store your data and integrate
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AMD EPYC processors come to Google—and to Google Cloud
Today we are pleased to announce that we are using AMD EPYC processors for our internal
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Cloud IAP enables context-aware access to VMs via SSH and RDP without bastion hosts
Ever since 2011, we’ve been leveraging the BeyondCorp security model (also known as zero trust) to
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