Reinforcing our commitment to privacy with accredited ISO/IEC 27701 certification
For decades, there has been a growing focus on privacy in technology, with laws such as
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Analyzing petabytes of data just got easier, with Google Sheets
At Google Cloud, we believe everyone—not just those who specialize in writing complex queries—should be able
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Google Cloud VMware Engine is now generally available
Let’s face it: bringing workloads to the public cloud isn’t always easy. And if you want
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Resources from Google Cloud partners to support businesses during COVID-19
Our Google Cloud partners play a huge role in supporting our customers, and at no time
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A guide to setting up monitoring for object creation in Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage provides worldwide, highly durable object storage that scales to exabytes of data. This means
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Google Cloud’s AI Adoption Framework: Helping you build a transformative AI capability
We believe that enterprises that invest in building AI solutions are better positioned to be the
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Square Enix and Colopl Bring the Real World to Dragon Quest Walk
Editor’s note:Today’s post comes from Takamasa Shiba, Producer at Square Enix, one of Japan’s leading video
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Reimagining government social services in the COVID-19 era
It’s no secret that state governments in the U.S. have been asked to carry a heavy
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