Expanding our commitment to secure Internet routing
As we’ve all seen firsthand this year, our universal dependence on a secure and reliable internet
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Simplify creating data pipelines for media with Spotify’s Klio
On any given day, music streaming service Spotify might process an audio file a hundred different
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Joining fans and artists in perfect harmony with Cloud SQL
Editor’s note: We’re hearing today from Songkick, a U.K.-based concert discovery service owned by Warner Music
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How computing has evolved, and why you need a multi-cloud strategy
Information technology has been moving fast for several years, bringing more powerful and agile computation in
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Better service orchestration with Workflows
Going from a single monolithic application to a set of small, independent microservices has clear benefits.
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Licious delivers high quality meat products to the doorstep with help from Google Maps Platform
Editor’s note: Today’s post comes from Bhaskar Konduru, CTO at Licious, a company that’s using technology
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Best practices to use Apache Ranger on Dataproc
Dataproc is an easy-to-use, fully managed cloud service for running managed open source, such as Apache
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Monitor and secure your containers with new Container Threat Detection
As more containerized workloads find their way into your organization, you want to be able to
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