Modernizing Twitter's ad engagement analytics platform
As part of the daily business operations on its advertising platform, Twitter serves billions of ad
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Postponing Google Cloud Next ’20: Digital Connect
Google Cloud has decided to postpone Google Cloud Next ‘20: Digital Connect out of concern for
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Not just for HTTP anymore: gRPC comes to Cloud Run
Cloud Run is a managed serverless compute offering from Google Cloud that lets you run stateless
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Data processing just got easier with Apps Script’s new V8 runtime
We’re excited to announce Apps Script is nowsupported by the V8 runtime that powers Chrome and
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G Suite Pro Tips: Declutter your inbox with Gmail filters
Editor’s note: In a previous blog post, Greg shared tips on how to use advanced search
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Finding a problem at the bottom of the Google stack
At Google, our teams follow site reliability engineering (SRE) practices to help keep systems healthy and
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How EBSCO delivers dynamic research services with Apigee
Editor’s note: Today we hear from Adam Ray, platform product manager at EBSCO Information Services, a
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Local SSDs + VMs = love at first (tera)byte
Data storage is the foundation for all kinds of enterprises and their workloads. For most of
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