Help keep your Google Cloud service account keys safe
By Grace Mollison, Cloud Solutions Architect Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers robust service account key management
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Introducing Transfer Appliance: Sneakernet for the cloud era
By Ben Chong, Product Manager, Transfer Appliance Back in the eighties, when network constraints limited data
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Guest post: Using GCP for massive drug discovery virtual screening
By Woody Sherman, CSO and Vipin Sachdeva, Principal Investigator, Silicon Therapeutics
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Google Cloud Platform now open in London
By Dave Stiver, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform Starting today, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers can
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Container Engine now runs Kubernetes 1.7 to drive enterprise-ready secure hybrid workloads
By Aparna Sinha, Group Product Manager, Container Engine Just over a week ago Google led the
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Guest post: Loot Crate unboxes Google Container Engine for new Sports Crate venture
By Greg Brown, Director, DevOps, Loot Crate
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Going Hybrid with Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform and Nutanix
By Allan Naim, Product GTM Lead, Kubernetes and Container Engine Recently, we announced a strategic partnership
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Making the most of an SRE service takeover – CRE life lessons
By Adrian Hilton, Customer Reliability Engineer In Part 2 of this blog post we explained what an
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