“The WideOps team helped us to encapsulate the software used in dockers and define an orchestrator to run it. Using this system, we are able to run over 60,000 unique design processes at the same time. The use of GCP makes the need for a dedicated cluster redundant, allows our team to focus solely on […]

“With the help of the professional team at wideops, we’ve been able to create a stability and protected workspace through Google’s servers.Our customers now can enjoy zero downtime with fully cloud base time tracker. Meckano trusts WideOps technical experts to monitor, maintain and support their server and network 24/7, ensuring their IT infrastructure is always […]

“Google Cloud & WideOps helped Panda leverage cutting edge technologies and architecture to help deliver a fast agile & robust platform to its customers.Providing Hands-on work & training.Wideops has implanted infrastructure as a code paradigm & helped us onboard customers faster than ever before.Using Google Cloud reliable infrastructure & network ,We managed to maintain high […]

“To decide to migrate from Amazon to GCP with 30 instances and billions of requests per month on our servers you have to have the best partner for that. WideOps has done amazing work and they been extremely professionals. After months of work, they have moved all our servers with no downtime to GCP! WideOps […]

“WideOps & Google for Startups have helped design and implement a performant, scalable, secure platform with 24*7 unified monitoring and on-going costs management. The expert team enabled our developers and devops the usage of GCP’s cutting edge technology with low training efforts and optimal usage of the platform.”

“WideOps team helped us design & optimize our cloud infrastructure and provided excellent hands-on support. With the scale and ease-of-use of the Google Cloud Platform, we were able to quickly build a system that analyzes real-time data from a network of connected devices to provide meaningful insights.”

” With WideOps consultation, guidance and training on best practices and architecture design for the Google Cloud Platform, Orpheus Medical was able to quickly migrate off the Microsoft Azure cloud along with design structured and complex solution to support Orpheus products. WideOps provided a solution to use GCP implementing Compute engine, VPC network, Storage, Security […]

” The voice, messaging, and video conferencing industry is a competitive one. A powerful cloud platform helps us rise to the challenges while allowing us to create a competitive advantage. “

” For two of the websites on Compute Engine, we use autoscaling so they work on minimum servers and scale up when necessary. We only pay for what we use, which is a huge benefit and helps keep costs under control. “

” WideOps have helped us monitor and manage our ongoing costs. Through their knowledgeable team, our developers were trained to use the latest technologies Google Cloud has to offer. WideOps’s help was invaluable for understanding the integration process for our cyber security product into Google Cloud’s marketplace. “